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Worthing Personal Training Fitness Boot Camp classes and self defence  for Weight loss and Well being

Body Fit MA Fitness improves your overall fitness and well-being. Movement and balance exercises are like everything else we do in life, the more you practice the better you get. As we get older we need to keep the body balanced in more than just a physical way. Over time if we are not careful we lose posture and suppleness, this in turn affects our mental balance and everyday confidence. We combine traditional fitness routines with martial arts fitness and stretching exercises for the the health of the whole body.

Worthing Body Fit Boot Camp

Join in with one of our early morning open air boot camp classes, and start your day with focus and purpose.

We will also be running children’s summer fitness camps in the summer holidays cor more info click here

HITT gym session

Why not come to one of our MA  HITT classes for a total body workout session, followed by a total body stretch and relaxation. This can be done in a class environment or as a personal training session.

Japanese Yoga

Enhances flexibility & muscle tone
It is the best form of exercise to maintain the flexibility of your body. It assures you are able to be physically agile and helps improve bone health as well as overall fitness of mind.


Why choose fitness and self-defence training? Self-defence & martial arts are a lifelong learning experience
with the added benefit of keeping a high level of fitness,
unlike joining a gym most people who join a gym only keep
it up for 6 months, and then become bored with working
out. Learning fitness along with the purpose of being able
to defend yourself gives you a whole new reason to keep
and stay fit.

If you would like to more contact me below and receive a FREE booklet on how to stay safe.

Kettle Bell Training

We incorporate kettle bell training to our fitness workouts so you get a full body workout, with legs and upper body. As we get older we lose muscle mass and strength unless we regularly work on muscle fitness and resistance training.

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