One of the major benefits of having a personal trainer is been made accountable for your fitness and weight control. When you have a personal trainer on a regular basis you have the obligation to train even if you don’t feel like training that particular day.

When I booked personal training sessions from a tennis pro I could not believe how much my game improved. The thing about hiring a personal fitness trainer is they know how to get results quickly, and without injury.

A personal trainer has been educated on how to get results, you may think you know how to do a correct  push up or bench press, but there is more to it than simply lifting a heavy weight. If you lift heavy weights and exercise with bad posture and generally poor technique chances are you will get very slow results and probably injure yourself in the process.

A personal trainer will give you that boost and motivation on the days you don’t feel like training.

A personal trainer will also create a road map for you to follow to make sure you are successful in what you want to achieve, there is no point in starting a journey if you have no destination.

A personal trainer will also give you the flexibility to train so you can create your own training schedule to suit your lifestyle.

But the most important thing a regular personal trainer will do is get results, that you on your own are unlikely to achieve.

Introducing your fully qualified fitness trainer Abi Bence
Level 3 PT
CrossFit level 1
CrossFit Kids and Teens Instructor
Kids Fitness Gym Instructor
Level 2 Gym Instructor
Emergency First Aid
Mental Health Awareness
NEBOSH Health and Safety
Mum of two
Tea maker

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