Many of us are having to adapt to what seems like a new ever-changing world.

If you are finding that you are having feelings of anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, lost without purpose, lack of concentration, problems sleeping or maintaining relationships, trust issues or looking back at the past:

Then hopefully l can help you.

Using a scientific based therapy, I can help you reduce or even overcome the excessive levels of anxiety and fears, enabling you to change the way you respond to specific situations. l will give you the tools to help yourself when or if the feelings arise in between sessions.

Anxiety is very often due to unresolved traumas or past unpleasant experiences, regardless of how far back they go.

Although you may feel you had put the past behind you until you are faced with other traumas, fears and situations, invariably bring the unresolved past up again, rather like a volcano, all quiet, then it erupts and overflows, with a feeling of no escape.

If this is you, then let me help you. I can help you heal the past and help you deal with everyday life.

“I have tried Havening twice. My first experience was dealing with some of my latest traumas and I saw clearly, Havening was perfect for me. I could not believe how it changed my view of my trauma and healed me in a way that previous therapy ever did. I have to admit that I was doing Psychotherapy and Cognitive Therapy for two years not managing to let go of my past trauma. After Havening, my mind & body felt healed, it felt like I had off loaded something off my back! Suddenly I felt so much space and air inside my mind & body that I felt phenomenal! I could not wait to get back to work!” Trauma client

Hi, I am Amanda Looker,

I first studied holistic therapies in the 1990’s quickly adding Sports Therapies, progressing to qualify as a trainer and an assessor.

I loved the holistic approach and my passion to explore the mind body connection lead me to study Hypnotherapy, Coaching, NLP and CBT.

Yet, there was still a link missing. That part of the puzzle came when a colleague invited me to experience a phenomenal new therapy. The Havening Techniques® (Amygdala Deportation Therapy).

As soon as l experienced the effect and power of The Havening Techniques®. I understood what had been missing the link between the mind and the body. I enrolled on the first course available, and was privileged to be one of the few to train with the developer of The Havening Techniques®, Neuroscientist Dr Ron Ruden MD.  Along with Paul McKenna and Kevin Laye. Becoming one of only a few licensed practitioners in the world able to offer this ground- breaking therapy and the 1st Licensed Practitioner in West Sussex, UK.

As l moved away from the physical side of therapies, due to stiff joints, especially in my hands, a back (slip disc) and shoulder injury. I was recommended to try another very new therapy. ‘OldPain2Go’ the success of that treatment, l walked in, only to be able to raise my arm, painfully l might add to 45 degrees. l left raising it straight up without pain. Having been a sports therapist this blew me away, so often l saw people with old injuries and although l helped them, sometimes they would return.

l then trained with the developer Steven Blake in OldPain2Go®. Enabling me to help others with Chronic Pain.

I now focus on using my knowledge to help people who have been through traumatic and stressful experiences, and those who are suffering chronic pain enabling people to lead the best life possible.

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