Finally, reaching the idea of happiness

So many of us have been there. For me, it was when I had my second child. I hated the idea of a mirror in my house and would always avoid it like the plague. I would always gravitate for clothing that would cover up as many lumps and bumps as possible, but unfortunately, this just made me look’ mummsy.

At the time, we seem to plod along and think it’s normal to feel this way. It’s not ok and it’s not OK to feel this way, but for some reason we all seem to let it control us. THE ADDICTION IS REAL, the addiction to sugar and sweet things is not real happiness.

I decided to take charge of my happiness.

I look back now, and no, I didn’t do it the right way, and yes, I became obsessed with what I was eating and how low I could get my calories. Luckily for me, I had support around me—support that guided me to a healthier me. Before I knew it the change in myself was huge, both physically and mentally. I realised that not every healthy eating plan suits everyone, and sometimes you need to try and test things to see what works. For me, keto was the way forward. I found the right balance of MACROS that worked for me. I could eat out, eat in, see people socially, and enjoy time with my kids, and yes, you can eat out, but like any plan, sometimes you need to ask to make adjustments to suit you.

I talk to so many people who think they have to follow strict diet plans with no enjoyment, but this it totally wrong. It’s about being adventurous with food and trying new things. Spaghetti Bolognese with a mountain of cheese and vegetables is absolutely amazing. The flavour comes from the sauce, not the pasta, and now there are so many alternatives, like soybean pasta.

There are so many tips and tricks online these days. PINTEREST, Instagram, and Google alone have millions of ideas and hacks that actually work. But you need to prep and have an easy-to-go to snack in the fridge, grab and go when you’re hungry, and get the whole family to enjoy your food. There’s nothing worse than trying to cook several different meals for the family.

Nobody said the journey was easy, and nobody said the journey was quick. But I can guarantee you that the moment when you reach your goal is beyond worth it. Looking in the mirror and liking what you see is so incredible and unbelievably powerful. I remember going shopping for the first time and trying on dresses for a wedding, thinking, “I can’t believe I look like this.”.

The oddest thing is visualization—imagining yourself in an outfit you’ve seen on the shelf, but the only thing you can see is the bigger version of you wearing it. So always find a  MIRROR AND ENJOY EVERY SINGLE POSSIBLE MOMENT OF THE NEW YOU.


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