Mondays Why is it people always say I will start on Monday….. This is probably the most common mistake people make. For one it’s only Wednesday, so you’ve got another four more days of being unhealthy before you get to Monday and then you realise you have a lunch date on Wednesday so then you push it back to the following Monday. Stop right there!!! One thing to learn from now, is there will always be something else in the way but there really doesn’t need to be. starting to change the way you see and your relationship with food and lifestyle is the first of foremost. Eating healthily doesn’t mean to say life has to be boring and that life is over as you know it because you can’t eat a packet of crisps or a cheese sandwich. It’s doesn’t mean you need to live off an iceberg lettuce wedge. You need to realise that when you wake up in the morning having a spring in your step is a clear sign your body is thanking you and when you’re waking up tired exhausted having the I can’t be bothered attitude is your body is cry for help. Take control of your life again and stop letting the Bad habits control you
Introducing your fully qualified fitness trainer Abi Bence
Level 3 PT
CrossFit level 1
CrossFit Kids and Teens Instructor
Kids Fitness Gym Instructor
Level 2 Gym Instructor
Emergency First Aid
Mental Health Awareness
NEBOSH Health and Safety
Mum of two
Tea maker

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