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I am happy to tailor personal training sessions to all levels of fitness. It doesn’t matter what your age or fitness level, I can adjust and personalise the session to reflect your level and ability.

Fitness training should not make you feel as if you have been put through a grinder, many people push to hard when they want to get fit and end up with injuries and then stop training. Gaining fitness and losing weight is about consistency.

PCA South West Jnr bikini champion.

Thoroughly enjoyed my cardio and work out with David! Combining a mixture of martial arts fitness and HIT he adapted the session to suit my needs, goals and past injury. I felt confident and comfortable throughout the session and am looking forward to seeing the changes these sessions will bring not only to my physique but also my moral and general well being. I came away from the session on an absolute high, feeling more confident in my abilities to do the movements and feeling good in myself knowing I’d completed a great workout. Steph Carr

PCA South West Jnr bikini champion.

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