Reiki level 2 Course

This 2-day course builds on your ability to use Reiki and is the practitioner level which enables you to give treatments professionally to the general public and private clients. It introduces three of the Reiki symbols which deepen and focus the use of Reiki both in daily life and during treatments.

It looks at the deeper philosophies of being a Reiki practitioner and enables you to strengthen your personal understanding of the mind and spiritual practice for healing both mind and body. Once you have completed the course is you will be able to acquire professional insurance and begin practising professionally should you wish to do so.

The course covers

  • Reiki 2 Attunement to deepen awareness of Reiki
  • Revision of Reiki 1
  • Deeper understanding of the precepts (Gokai)
  • Learn and Practice Symbol 1, Mantra & Kotodama
  • Learn and Practice Symbol 2, Mantra & Kotodama
  • Learn and Practice Symbol 3, Mantra & Kotodama
  • Using the Symbols in a Self Treatment (Western)
  • Using the Symbols in Meditation (Eastern)
  • Using the Symbols on Others and Other Things & Situations
  • Spiritually Guided Reiki (Reiji Ho)
  • Body Scanning (Byosen Reikan Ho)
  • Further Eastern Techniques and Variations
  • Deeper Meditation Techniques
  • Remote Treatments (Enkaku Chiryo Ho)
  • Reiki for Situations
  • How to Conduct a Professional Treatment, Ethics and Law
  • Starting a Professional Reiki Practice

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