Reiki level 3 teacher master Course

The Course

This internationally recognised Reiki Teacher/Master course aims to give you the tools and knowledge and for a deeper understanding and awareness through exploring advanced Reiki techniques, philosophies and physical practices giving you a deeper insight into the ancient and traditional system of Reiki. You will receive your Master attunement and by the end of the course, will have learnt how to teach and attune others.

Becoming a “Master” means to master the ones self, through mind body and spirit, until with practice and dedication it is no longer a state of doing but a state of being. It is by this means that the System of Reiki gives us the tools to help us find deep inner awareness and guides us on our spiritual path.

Whats included on your course?

You will receive a comprehensive Master manual for support and guidance.

You will receive an internationally recognised Master/Teacher certificate with a proven linage line going back to the founder, and after the course you will have ongoing personal support from me via email or telephone if you ever need it.

What you will cover during the course.

Overview of Reiki 1 & 2, lineage, symbols, mantras and kotodamas.
Becoming a Master/Teacher and responsibility.
Precepts, non-dual perception, deep philosophy.
Reiki History.
Master attunement.
Symbol 4, use, origin and meaning. Mantra & kotodama. How to use in meditation.
Original teachings rarely taught in the West.
Advanced reiki meditations and healing techniques.
How to give a reiju, meaning of the ritual, practice (supervised).
How to give an attunement, meaning of the ritual, practice (supervised).
Gyosei (Waka Poetry) and its importance to the system and spiritual development.
Ajikan – Reiki style!
How to teach Reiki including all legislation, law, ethics, code of conduct and law for teaching professional reiki.
How to design a course and manual for each level and examples.
Mindfulness and its deep connection to Reiki practice.

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