Ladies Fitness & Self Defence Classes

I am also a fully qualified conflict management and physical intervention instructor. I am quite happy to combine ladies self defence into any fitness classes. Knowing how to protect yourself if you are attacked is invaluable knowledge. Learning self-defence during your training sessions, can give your training a sense of purpose while getting fit.


Understanding how a predator picks his or her prey is very useful information to know. Just having this knowledge alone can keep you out of harms way, so you never have to deal with an actual physical confrontation.

Absolutely the most valuable course my daughter and I have ever done. David was a complete professional and offered loads of practical stay safe advice as well as physical self protection. The self defence tuition is very hands on, and we were both exhausted afterwards but we both felt it was exactly what was needed. To defend yourself effectively you need to understand what it would be like to be restrained and to be able to free yourself from such holds. Fantastic value for money, very reasonably priced for such a valuable service. Both myself and my daughter (aged 19, who is going off backpacking alone for most of 2019) feel so much more empowered after David’s lesson. I wish we had done it years ago. A must for woman and young girls, especially those going travelling. We’ll definitely be back for another refresher lesson in the summer. Thank you!Jenna Caplin Jenna Caplin

I am a registered physical intervention trainer and fully qualified conflict management trainer. I have worked in the security industry for over fifteen years and  considered one of the leading experts in the self defence industry. I have trained hundreds of people in direct conflict management for real life situations drawing directly from my experience working in mental health, door security and surveillance officer for one of the UK’s largest casinos.

I have also worked alongside, New York’s ‘Guardian Angels’ specialising in diffusing high tension and violent situations in the Bronx

My qualifications are…

Level 3 Trainer in conflict management
Level 3 Trainer in Physical Intervention
Level 3 Trainer in First Aid
CPD Training in Personal Safety Awareness
CPD Training in Situational Awareness
CPD Training in Knives and Edged Weapon Awareness

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