Fully qualified Martial Arts and Reiki teacher

I am a fully qualified martial arts trainer and Reiki teacher running level 1, 2 and 3/Reiki master courses, for people interested in learning the healing and relaxation arts.

I am also a qualified Physical Intervention and conflict resolution trainer Specialising in women’s self protection and safety awareness for teenagers.

I have worked in the security industry for over fifteen years and  considered one of the leading experts in the self defence industry. I have trained hundreds of people in direct conflict management for real life situations drawing directly from my experience working in mental health, door security and surveillance officer for one of the UK’s largest casinos.

I have also worked alongside, New York’s ‘Guardian Angels’ specialising in diffusing high tension and violent situations in the Bronx

Plus I’m the author of Hard Target The complete book on how to stay street safe for front line staff and community workers.

My qualifications are…

Level 3 Trainer in conflict management
Level 3 Trainer in Physical Intervention
Level 3 Trainer in First Aid & Mental health
CPD Training in Personal Safety Awareness
CPD Training in Situational Awareness
CPD Training in Knives and Edged Weapon Awareness



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